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    Check out below the various products we deal in.

    Rubber & Rubber Products

    •Rubber Sheets

    •Rubber Products

    •Rubber Parts

    •Moulded Rubber Parts

    •Rubber Bushings

    •Rubber Moulding

    Hoses & Hose Fittings

    •Hose Pipes

    •LPG Hoses

    •S.s Corrugated Hoses

    •Fire Hose

    •Canvas Pipe

    •Hydraulic Hose Pipe

    •Rubber Hose

    •Industrial Hoses

    •In-House Hydraulic Hose Fittings

    Pneumatic Items

    •Pneumatic FRL Unit

    •Pneumatic Cylinder

    •Pneumatic PU Tubes

    •Pneumatic Brass Fittings

    •Pneumatic Process

    Pipe Elbows, Joints & Couplings


    •Pipe Elbows

    •Pipe Couplings

    •Pipe Joints

    •PVC Elbow

    •Stainless Steel Elbow

    Silicone, Teflon, Nylon & PTFE

    •Silicone Sheet

    •Silicone Pipe

    •Teflon Sheet

    •Teflon Rod

    •Nylon Rod

    •PTFE Rod

    PVC Sheets, PVC Suction, PVC Water Stoppers

    •PVC Sheets

    •Pvc Braided

    •Pvc Suction

    •Pvc Water Stoppers.

    •Polypropylene Sheets

    Rubber Seals, Oil Seals & Industrial Seals

    •Oil Seals


    •Rubber O Ring

    •Rubber Seals

    •Rubber Rings

    Rubber Gaskets and Gasket Material

    •Rubber Gaskets


    •Industrial Gaskets

    •Automotive Gaskets


    Adhesive & Pressure Sensitive Tapes


    •Self Adhesive Tapes


    •Packaging Tapes

    •BOPP Tapes

    •Cello Tape

    •Teflon Tape

    Conveyor & Transmission Belts

    •Conveyor System

    •Belt Conveyors

    •Conveyor Belt

    •Conveyor Rollers

    •V Belts

    Industrial Uniforms & Safety Wear

    •Safety Shoes

    •Safety Gloves

    •Safety Jacket

    •Industrial Uniforms

    •Safety Mask

    Fire Fighting & Prevention Products


    •Fire Extinguishers

    •Fire Alarm Systems

    •Fire Alarms

    •Fire Fighting Equipments

    •Fire Protection Systems

    Electrical Cables & Wires

    •Electrical Wires


    •Electric Cables

    •Power Cables

    •Electric Power Cables

    Other Items

    •Electrical Insulation Mat

    •Cow Mat

    •Gym Mat

    •Anti Skid Rubber Mat



    •Asbestos Rope


    •Gland Packing

    •Mill Board



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